Marketing Trends of 2022

2022 is here, and we are all curious to know how to drive customers to our brands. A lot has changed in the past two years, and social media trends are not an exception. So how can we be successful with the “today” customers?

The number one platform that will take over social media in 2022 is TikTok. Yes, if you are GenX like me, this is a terrifying thought for you. I am yet to adapt to the idea of TikTok. However, TikTok will be the leading social media platform this year, and we can slowly see how others are trying to adapt and duplicate, with Reels, for example. Tik Tok has taken over the world with its short videos and highly personalized content. And right now, the app is looking into introducing an e-commerce aspect and monetization model, so any brand that wants to connect with their audience has to get on the TikTok train. TikTok embraces diversity, and that is what the world needs right now. They allow anybody to be discovered and empower individuals and brands to be creative. So if you are looking into diversifying your brand and targeting GenZ, you should look closely at TikTok this year.

We will also have to tackle the trend of online shopping/selling. 49% of internet users say they are likely to buy brands and products that they see while browsing. But it is not only about online shopping; your online content game must be on point in 2022 because the demand is rising, and so is the competition. You have a very short time catching buyers’ attention, so your ads and content must be personalized to their needs. And the preferences vary by generation, so you really need to understand your audience and base your marketing strategy on that. Because many people have ad blockers to avoid ads on their browsers, you must get creative and utilize User-generated-content. Yes, most people trust the opinion of other users over paid ads, so ensure that UGC is part of your strategy. Get some influencers involved in your marketing strategy to help promote your brand and create a new audience. Don’t forget to use the analytics and data available to you. Develop a complete analytical buyer profile and then aim for success.

However, there is some good news. Consumers are no longer loyal to just one channel, so you can spread your wings and try your luck on multiple social media channels. Understanding which platform helps tell which part of your story is the key to finding your audience and your ideal customer. Make a conscious decision about who you are marketing to and create content specifically for that audience. But do not rely on social media platforms only. Build your own online community and take back the control of your audience. How? Create your own app and interact with your clientele without social media channels, with in-built forums and chat rooms. Listen to your audience. They have a voice, they care about specific issues, and they want to see your company reacting in the right way. You must be inclusive and environmental if you want to succeed because consumers have your brand in their hands. And they want better content, more interaction, faster and better service, and they want it now. New-age consumers want constant attention and interaction to get their interest. You have to think outside the box to get your buyer’s attention and keep it. As more and more platforms will incorporate new features, you also have to step up your game.

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Author of The Beginner's Guide To Financial Freedom. Blanka is a Marketing Director of Kobayashi Group, multi-talented professional and content creator.

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Blanka Kobayashi

Blanka Kobayashi

Author of The Beginner's Guide To Financial Freedom. Blanka is a Marketing Director of Kobayashi Group, multi-talented professional and content creator.

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